Message from the founder



One of the happiest moments for a musician is to see a child's rapturous response upon introduction to the music they perform. 

In my performance journey, I noticed that children are extremely sensitive to the honesty of a musical message, and they are eager to explore this new, exciting, colorful world.

I founded Music for Minds to destroy the perception that there is a barrier holding children from understanding classical music right away in all of its rich diversity and styles.

Children are capable of experiencing this music and forming their own opinions. There is no need to simplify or insult their intelligence by offering them broken down versions of popular tunes - they comprehend it in the original perfectly well. 

My goal is to bring the music I love to the children and people of all ages through school recitals, workshops, and music festivals. Not only will they be exposed to masterworks of the Western tradition - Beethoven, Brahms, Bach, Mozart, Debussy - but they will also learn about music that is being created today.

I strongly believe that the early exposure to, and engagement with classical music early on aids in the development of a well-rounded and rich personality, and in establishing criteria and high values in every kid's life.


Asiya Korepanova, Founder.

Love at First Sight


Music is our first love, it is a sound of our mother's voice singing to us while we are little, it is a background of our sweetest dreams, and it is a source of the best and strongest emotions a human being can experience in their life. 

Music as Element 


Classical music is as potent and influential as the classical elements of  Wind, Water, Fire and Earth. It has an immense power to reach our souls and lift us up. It is our aim to make it a part of people's everyday life.

The Food for our Brain


Many scientific studies from the US and abroadprove that exposure to classical music and learning to play a musical instrument significantly improve children's IQ, memory, ability to focus, creativity and many other important factors.

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